FAQ’s For VOC Mart

  • why do I need to register ?

    Shipping charges costs incurred in reaching your selection of Items to your registered address. The rates would vary based on the location.

  • How is the shipping handled?

    Deliveries are done through reputed courier services or through the express parcel service of India Post. This choice of delivery partner is based on the location and shipping time vary accordingly. However the deliveries would be completed between 4-7 business days for most locations except the north east of India.

  • What is the normal shipping time?

    Normal shipping time is between 4-7 business days based on the location. The time could be shorter for shorter distances and the time mentioned above is indicative. Shipping time is calculated from the day we receive the order.

  • How do I know the status of my order?

    When you place an order for VOC Mart, post checkout on the site, you would get an e-mail to your registered email address confirming your order giving details of the VOC Mart ordered. When shipping is initiated to your registered address, you would get an email to your registered email address confirming that your order has been shipped. Post-delivery you would get an email confirming delivery. In the unlikely event that you receive an email confirming delivery when you have not received the VOC Mart , please get in touch with us immediately at support@vocmart.com.

  • What if the package is not delivered at my given shipping address within the expected delivery time?

    Since we do our shipping through reputed couriers or India Post, there is minimal chance of any delivery not reaching you. However, it is possible that on account of a door locked situation, the Sweets & Snacks could have been delivered to a neighbour. Our courier partners attempt delivery twice and if for some reason there is no one at the registered address, they would return the Sweets & Snacks to us and we would inform you accordingly.

  • How do I cancel an order?

    Orders can be cancelled if the VOC Mart have not already been shipped. To cancel, please email us at support@vocmart.com

  • What happens if I get a delivery of Items different from my order?

    If this situation occurs we will take back the wrong Items at our cost and send the correct VOC Mart at no extra charge. However information to us about this situation has to be sent to us at support@vocmart.com immediately on receipt of delivery of VOC Mart.

  • How do I pay?

    You could pay for your order, online through the modes of credit cards / debit cards and internet banking. We accept internet banking payments through over 50 Indian banks.

  • How do I know my payment credentials are secure?

    We partner a secure online payment gateway to accept online payments. At any stage vocmart.com (a division of Shivanya Mart) does neither collect nor store any data from your credit / debit cards or internet banking.

  • Can I pay by cheque or electronic fund transfer?

    If for any reason you do not wish to or are unable to pay using a credit / debit card or net banking, you could pay by depositing a cheque at our bank which is Axis Bank. Alternatively you could also transfer funds through the medium of electronic fund transfer. In both such situations, please email us at support@vocmart.com and we will send your details for you to make such payments.